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1.Curved blade design,utilizes wind resource effectively and obtains a higher power generation.
2.Coreless generator, Horizontal rotation and aircraft wing design reduce the noise to an unperceivable level in natural environment.
3.Wind resistance. Horizontal rotation and triangular double fulcrum design make it only bear a small wind pressure even in strongwind.
4.Smaller rotation radius than other types of wind turbines, space is saved while efficiency improved.
5.Use special control principle expended the wind ,utilizes wind resource effectively and obtains a higher power generation.

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1. The product has low starting wind speed, high wind energy utilization rate, and more obvious effect of leaf fan; small size, beautiful and simple appearance
2. The product is easy to install and use, and it adopts humanized design, which is convenient for equipment maintenance and repair.
3. The rotor blades are made of nylon fiber material and aluminum alloy die-casting. The aerodynamic design and structural design are optimized, the wind energy utilization coefficient is high, and the power generation is increased.
4. The generator adopts the patented technology of permanent magnet rotor alternator and has a specially designed stator, which can effectively reduce the resistance torque of the generator

Technical Parameters

Type Name TS-100 TS-200 TS-300
Rated power 100W 200W 300W
Max Power 130W 230W 330W
Rated Voltage 12/24V 12/24V 12/24V
Start-up wind speed 2.0m/s 2.0m/s 2.5m/s
Rated wind speed 10.0m/s 11.0m/s 13.0m/s
Safe wind speed 55m/s 55m/s 50m/s
Net weight 6.0 kg 6.2 kg 6.5 kg
Rotor diameter 1.1 m 1.2 m 1.3 m
Blade number 3pieces /5pieces
Blade material Nylon
Electric generator Three-phase permanent magnet synchronous generator
Control system Electromagnetic/wind wheel side
Lubricating mode Filling grease
Working temperature -40℃ ~80℃

How MPPT works

To charge the battery, the output voltage of the solar panel must be higher than the current voltage of the battery. If the voltage of the solar panel is lower than the voltage of the battery, the output current will be close to 0. Therefore, for safety reasons, the peak voltage (Vpp) of the solar panel is about 17V when the solar panel is manufactured, and it is set as standard when the ambient temperature is 25°C. When the weather is very hot, the peak voltage Vpp of the solar panel will drop to about 15V, but in cold weather, the peak voltage Vpp of the solar energy can reach 18V.


The use of wind power has increasingly become the main form of wind energy utilization, which is highly valued by all countries in the world, and the development speed is the fastest
The advantages of wind power can be summarized into two points:
1. Wind farms are cheap to build, much less expensive than hydro, thermal or nuclear power plants
2. Electricity can be generated without coal, oil and other fuels required for thermal power generation or nuclear materials required by nuclear power plants, and there is no other consumption except for routine maintenance; third, wind power is a clean natural energy source without coal Environmental pollution problems associated with electricity, oil and nuclear power

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