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Aluminized steel sheet pan

Short Description:

Product Code: CS1105 CS1115


Overall dimension:600*400, 530*380,660*460

Material: Aluminized steel

Material thickness:0.7mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm

Rim: we also provide pans with wire, solid band and hollow Al profile in the rim

Surface: corrugated as optional.

Coating: no coating, Teflon

Packaging: carton box or pallet

Production leading time:30 to 45 days

Place of origin: Wuxi, China

Application: baking bread rolls, pastries, and flat products such as cookies, sheet cakes, Swiss rolls, and pizzas

Product Detail

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1. Made of mainstream material in baking trays, aluminized steel, which has good heat conduction.

2. High-quality material, more firm and durable, healthy and safe.

3. Light-weighted, saving baking time.

4. Press forming, machine stamping

5. With the deep-drawn technique the pans are easy to clean and oil dirt is easily removed.

6. It can be used in various bakery food production, and is very suitable for mass production in bakeries or the machinery line in food factories.

7. Teflon coating, PTFE is a non-stick material,. These long lasting coatings offer:

The highest number of bakes with less downtime

Optimized process flow and excellent release capabilities

Quality improvement, including excellent dough flow characteristics and more consistent bakes with fewer rejects

Energy saving, using less air while de-panning

Improved safety that helps eliminate residues in the pan

Bakery hygiene and safety, requiring less work space clean up

Reduced product fat content due to no pan oil

8. We have molding workshops in our factory for new product production and all toolings are processed by precise machinery and calibrated by our experienced engineers.

9. With 16 years of experience in industrial baking pans, C&S ensures you a high-quality product with excellent performance.

10. You can contact your C&S sales for support when using our baking pans. As a company of ISO9001:2015 certified and listed in the National Equities Exchange and Quotations, we take full responsibility for baking pans manufactured by our company.


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