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bread loaf pan

Short Description:

Product Code:OEM


Overall dimension:All products can be customized

Each pan dimension:All can be customized based on customers requirements

Material:Aluminium alloy

Material thickness:1.0mm   


Packaging:carton box or pallet

Production leading time:30 to 45 days accordingly

Place of origin:Wuxi,China

Usage:for bakery food production factory; industrial bakery use;

Product Detail

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1.Durable and high qualified aluminium alloy as material which can distribute heat evenly. It is food safe and with strong durability.

2. Air holes under pan bottoms help to eliminate the air in dough when baking. Bread will be even and have no bubble inside.  

3. The metal wire in rims help to strengthen the pans’strength. And due to the material is aluminium, the pan is very light. 

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detail (3)

Easy-to-use sliding lid with turnup design ensures that the strength is strong enough.

detail (2)
detail (4)

We also offer custom-made design service, the pans will be suitable for any food production lines and ovens.

The nonstick coating has good hi-temperature and low-temperature resistance. When heated to 230 ℃ or put into freezer the coating is still safe. The coating’s coefficient friction is very low and bread can be easily released from tins.

By having very good abrasion resistance and low water and oil adhesion, any chemical abrasion will be prohibited by the coating.

We manufacturer the tins including toolings by ourselves with precise machinery. This make sure that all of our tins have stable structure.

We focus on baking pans of industrial use since 2005. This make sure that our baking pans are high-quality and perform excellent.

C&S sales will solve you every requirements during using our baking pans. With ISO9001:2015 certification and listed in the National Equities Exchange and Quotations,we are responsible for baking pans manufactured by C&S.


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