We never stopped moving forward

Recently, the pandemic has been easing. The demand from domestic and international market is recovering and baking industry expresses positive outlook and investment is rising. we are in the good track for introducing several automated production lines for multi-mold pan, sheet pan and grid tray,etc. so as to boost the production capacity as well as improve the precision, quality and reliability of our products. We get very good feedback from some major industrial bakers. Also, our engineering team is engaged in the R&D for effective and cost-saving production process to make our product more competitive and win the customer’s satisfaction. Now we have optimized the production process and works well in the production line.

Just name a few optimizations as follows:

1. Currently, we produce a multi-mold pan,we need make over 10 toolings. By introducing the automated production line, we just need less than five toolings. And the pan can be finished with less labour, tooling, material cost and energe consumption.

2. For the cups of the multi-mold pans, we will boost the production capacity by using large toolings for punching and press forming.

3. For the sheet pan,so far we can just product 1-2 types of the sheet pans by automated production lines. We will introduce more antomated line for some top sellers.

4. We will optimize the coating process to ensure the coating thickness and durability. For some standard and customized pans, we will introduce the automatic coating line.

For the demestic and international market development, we have built up new team for direct contact with food and bakeware dealers and bakery shops across China. The team is working closely with our existing team, the contact window for industrial bakers to creat more synergies. Also, the team for international market develpment has strengthened saleas strategies for supporting major clients greatly for developing their market by joint effort.

Post time: Jul-22-2021