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1.Security. Using vertical blades and triangular double-fulcrum, the problems of blade lose/broken or leaf flying-out have been well solved.
2. No noise. Coreless generator and horizontal rotation with aircraft wing design reduce the noise to an unperceivable level in natural environment.
3. Wind resistance. Horizontal rotation and triangular double fulcrum design make it only bear a small wind pressure even in strong wind.
4. Rotation radius. smaller rotation radius than other types of wind turbines, space is saved while efficiency improved.
5. Power generation curve. The power generation increasing gently , it could produce 10% to 30% more power than other types of wind turbines.
6. Brake device. The blade itself has speed protection, and can configure manual mechanical and electronic brake meantime

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1. The product shell steel is made of refined and light-weight materials, with beautiful and simple appearance
2. The product is the first to use FRP rotor blades, which is upgraded and optimized with the aerodynamic design and mechanism design. The starting wind speed is low, the wind energy utilization coefficient is high, and the power generation is increased.
3. The power generation of the product adopts patented technologies such as NdFeB permanent magnet generator rotor and stator, and at the same time, the wind generator and generator have better matching characteristics, which increases the reliability of the unit operation.
4. The anti-corrosion epoxy zinc-rich primer and polyurethane enamel are preferred, which can resist ultraviolet rays, acid rain, salt spray and other disasters
5. Equipped with a maximum power tracking intelligent controller, which can effectively adjust the current and voltage

Technical Parameters

Type TC-1k TC-2k TC-3k TC-5k TC-10k TC-20k TC-30k TC-50k
Rated power 1kW 2kW 3kW 5kW 10kW 20kw 30kw 50kw
Max Power 1.2kw 2.3W 3.3kW 5.3W 13kW 22kw 33kw 53kw
Rated Voltage 48/96V 48/96V 96v/120v 220v/240V 120v/ 220v/240v 380V 380V
Start-up wind speed 3m/s 3m/s 3m/s 3m/s 3m/s 3m/s 3m/s 3m/s
Rated wind speed 10m/s 10m/s 11m/s 11m/s 12m/s 12m/s 13m/s 15m/s
Safe wind speed 35m/s 35m/s 45m/s 45m/s 45m/s 45m/s 45m/s 50m/s
Top weight 42kg 48kg 159kg 219kg 400kg 700kg 900kg 3400kg
Rotor diameter 2.8m 3m 5.6m 6.3m 8.2m 10m 12.5m 18m
Blade numbers 3 pieces
Blade matrerial Reinforced glass fiber
Electric generator Three-phase permanent magnet motor
Magnet NdFeB
Generator housing Die casting aluminum alloy
Control/protect system Electromagnetic / wind wheel deflection
Speed control Tail deflection
Tower type Independent tower
Working temperature -40℃ -80℃
Lifecycle 20 years





Generator sets can be used in electric power, communication information, securities, aerospace, Internet, logistics, railways, petrochemicals, highways, hospitals, factories, mines, shipbuilding, breeding, real estate and other industries. It is one of the ideal emergency power sources. my country is rich in wind energy resources, and the wind energy reserves that can be developed and utilized are about 1 billion kW. It is one of the energy sources without pollution, and it is inexhaustible. For coastal islands, grassland pastoral areas, mountainous areas and plateau areas that are short of water, fuel and transportation, it is very suitable and promising to use wind power according to local conditions.

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We warrant to you, the original purchaser of this new product, that this product will be free from defects in original manufacturing in materials or workmanship for one (1) year from the date of your purchase. This product must be purchased from an authorized reseller and packaged with this warranty statement. This warranty does not cover refurbished products.

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