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Baguette tray

Short Description:

Product Code: CS1602 CS1603 CS1612 CS1613


Overall dimension:600*400*32.5

Material: Aluminium Alloy

Material thickness:1.0mm

Coating: Teflon

Packaging: carton box or pallet

Production leading time:30 to 45 days

Place of origin: Wuxi, China

Application: baking baguette 

Product Detail

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1.Using 1.0mm high strength aluminum alloy; light material, 1/3 weight of iron;

2.Surface punching design, good heat conduction, baking time and cost-saving

3.4, 5 rows, and large sizes for your selections, suitable for food factory application

4.Closed frame, stable during moving on racks

5.Perforations: We offer several different types of perforations which are designed to deliver the right air flow for your process. Ensuring proper air flow will optimize your baking to produce good product texture.

6.According to your desired overall length, width, height, row width, height, and end width, we can customize the tray for you.

7.Reinforced bar all around for extra solid support and more durable

8.It can be used in various bakery food production, and is very suitable for mass production in the bakery or the machinery line in food factories.

9.PTFE / Teflon coating products to suit applications in the food and beverage industry, PTFE is usually applied as a thin film coating solution and our surface treatment technologies for this industry are suitable for food contact.

10.PTFE coating features its non-stick property that enable effortless cleaning that is essential in the food and beverage industry. PTFE (Teflon) coating can be more cost effective than alternative coatings such as ceramic.

11.We have an in-house tooling workshop and wide range of existing tooling and all toolings are fabricated by precise machinery and calibrated by our expert. So the pans are very flat and have a stable structure and shape.

12.With over 16 years of experience in industrial baking pans, C&S ensures you quality products with excellent performance.

13.Feel free to contact your C&S sales for support when using our baking pans. As a company of ISO9001:2015 certified and listed in the National Equities Exchange and Quotations,we take full responsibility for baking pans manufactured by our company.

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