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Shelves Aluminium alloy Trolley

Short Description:

Product Code: CS1921


Overall dimension:603*471*1697mm

Material: Aluminium Alloy

Coating: Anodized

Packaging: carton box or pallet

Production leading time:5 weeks

Place of origin: Wuxi, China

Product Detail

Product Tags

1. Designed to overcome storage (weight) limitations and those of deep freezing (sub-zero temperatures), our storage racks boast quality construction and materials which are durable and comply with food product guidelines.

2. Constructed by square tubes of 1” x 1” (25 x 25 mm).

3. Full welded structure by laser welding with reinforcements of stability

4. Fully-welded runner constructed to frame,

5. Ideal for use in food handling environments like bakeries, commercial kitchens, and food factories.

6. Customized to your specific requirements in tray size, number of shelves, space between shelves and other specifications,

7. 4 casters 100mm diameter with 2 brakes, safe and practical

8. The runner gets a width of 35mm and thickness of 1.5mm, with an L shape.

9. C&S trolleys have been designed to withstand the stresses of daily use and they are known for their excellent resistance (weight, shock), durability (stainless steel), and ease of use.

10. We also offer a stand-alone cabinet for cooling and storage with 9,11,14,18, 20 levels optional.

11. We are experienced in customization. We can customize according to your desired net rack width, width between runners, distance of runners, the distance between the first layer and the bottom frame of the rack.

12. As a bakeware manufacturer for 16 years in industrial bakeware field, C&S can guarantee you a high-quality product with excellent performance.

13. C&S team is ready to support you during using our baking pans. As a company of quality system ISO9001 certified and listed in the National Equities Exchange and Quotations, we take full responsibility for baking pans manufactured by our company. 


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